Print comics or digital comics: Which one should you choose for your erotic reading time?

Simply watching porn doesn’t cut it for many people. Thankfully, there are adult comics that offer hours of hot entertainment on a more engaging level. 


At first, there were only printed erotic comics for adult audience, but as technology evolved, digital adult comics started being much more popular and much easier to find. People who love reading them don’t even need to leave their house to get them, which is more discreet than buying adult comics at the local comics store.


The ultimate question remains, though — are traditional erotic comics better than the digital versions available in excess today?

Our Recommended Erotic Comics

With technology evolving at an incredible pace, endless numbers of adult comics have been made in the past couple of years. The possibilities new tech gave us also offered a possibility of improving these comics and creating visuals the world has never seen before. Here are a couple of erotic comics you should check out.


Small Favors is an erotic comic series by Coleen Coover. Reading this sexy digital comic, you’ll quickly see yourself alongside the two main characters, Annie and Nibbil, in their sexy and fun-filled adventures.


The Discipline is another amazing title you should read. The main protagonist, Melissa Peake, is a Manhattan wife that was tempted by a stranger and started discovering her various powers. Not only are there cool fighting bits, but there’s an abundance of sex scenes as well.


Sex Criminals by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky is about two main characters, a man and a woman, who discover their ability to freeze time when they orgasm. After some time having fun, they decide to use their newly discovered superpowers to rob a bank, and the story gets really interesting from there.

Print Comics Is Hard to Find These Days

With the overwhelming number of digital comics for adults, it has become pretty difficult to find paperback, printed comics these days. Only a handful of comic stores still exist and offer newer releases. Even those that existed in printed format completely transitioned to online due to their audience’s preference.


Not only is it easier to publish comics in a digital format, but it’s also much more affordable for the publisher. With smartphones and other handheld devices being available to almost everyone around the globe, it’s no wonder why most publishers decided to go “all-digital” in the past couple of years.


When it comes to erotic comics for adult audience, discretion is key. Buying these dirty comics was an issue before, but once they became available online and no one knew you actually purchased the comic, most people transitioned to digital comics, mainly due to the simplicity of buying them and keeping discretion at a very high level.

Digital Comics Are Easy to Find Online

One of the biggest advantages of digital comics for adults is the fact that you can find any type of erotic comics in a matter of minutes. Even earlier adult comics are digitized and available for instant download. All you need to do is either search for a specific erotic comic online or start browsing all the available titles in the NSFW category.


Once you start searching, you’ll realize just how many of them are available. We’re not talking about hundreds of different comics, but hundreds of thousands of naughty editions that can spice up your imagination in a matter of minutes.


There are hundreds of websites specialized in offering exclusives, classics, and the wildest adult graphic novels you can come across. From those with a story to those describing the naughtiest sex scenes you can imagine. Everything is available online.

Print Comic’s Art Fades in Time

There’s a reason why old comic books are considered collectables — their condition quickly deteriorates, especially if they’re used over and over again. In order to keep these comics in somewhat good condition, they should be kept sealed in a dark place, which obviously isn’t always an option, especially if you have a big collection.


Unlike printed comics, digital editions can’t fade, and they keep their original color and condition, no matter how many times you read them. However, digital editions don’t have collectable value whatsoever, although that doesn’t mean they won’t become collectables in the future.


The longer you keep the comic the more likely it is that the condition will deteriorate to the point where you won’t be able to see the visuals or read the text. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do to keep the piece in great condition and read the comic at the same time.

Digital Comics Have Better Erotic Visuals

A big difference between printed adult comics and digital comics for adults are the visuals. Although print technology has evolved a lot since the first comics appeared, the technology that’s used for mass printing is limited when it comes to keeping the production cost down.


For that reason alone, digital edition of erotic comics are at a great advantage because the visuals are much more pleasurable to look at. The artwork is also available for viewing on a bigger surface (PC monitor or laptop) compared to the small format of the printed editions.


Another advantage of digital edition adult comics is that there can be animated pictures added to the artwork. Although that won’t affect the size of the download much, it will add so much value to the readers that they’ll eagerly await the next chapter of their favorite comic.

Print Comics Take Space for Safekeeping

We’ve already mentioned one huge flaw of printed comics — they take up space. Each printed comic takes a certain amount of space, and even more space is used if you’re trying to keep these comics in great condition.


Many collectors have a room or a part of a room dedicated to keeping their precious collectibles intact. That is a great way of keeping comics in the best condition possible, but the larger the collection is, the more space you’ll need.


Another huge flaw of owning print editions of erotic comics for adults is that they’re visible to anyone who visits your home. Unless you clearly hide your collection, everyone will be able to see what kinky things you’re into, and for some people, that’s unacceptable.

Digital Comics Are Easy to Keep

The biggest advantage of having digital edition adult comics is that they’re incredibly simple to keep. Whether you use your PC, laptop, or even phone to access these digital comics, all you need is a large enough drive to store them safely.


At the beginning, digital edition comic books were pretty large files that used a lot of internal storage, but as tech evolved, the files became smaller while the storage space became a lot larger. Today’s average PC has a hard drive or SSD of at least 500GB that can store thousands of digital comics for adults, movies, pictures, and music.


You can also use external storage devices such as external hard drives to store your comics safely without the fear of malware or computer viruses deleting all your precious comics from the hard drive. There are also online options called cloud storage available for storing your files, no matter if they’re business related, pictures, videos, or anything else.