4 Ways You Can Use Yoni Eggs To Make Most Of Its Benefits

Yoni is Sanskrit and has no Western meaning. Sanskrit is not a language of all day. Words have several meanings in Sanskrit. Thus Yoni means: temple with a cosmic meaning, uterus, and vulva. Yoni is the inside and outside at the same time. Here is a complete guide on how to use yoni eggs.

The letters separately also have another meaning:

  • Y: the heart, your true self, the universe
  • O: brightness, conservative
  • N: lotus, mother, menstrual cycles, naked
  • I: love, wishes, consciousness, pain, regret

The yoni is therefore to worship. To honor it solve old beliefs, values ??and norms. Your yoni is your base. The place you create. The yoni egg days are also called jade egg days although not everyone chooses a jade egg. Click here for more details.

The yoni days are for women of all ages and orientation. Experience the power of sisterhood that day and learn to ask for and receive support. Do exercises with the micro cosmic orbit breathing and you learn to wear the egg in the right way? You practice this safely under a blanket. There is then a guided meditation and we make sounds. We also play beautiful music and we move and / or dance.

In the morning there is also extensive attention for your personal process. In this way, this day is extremely suitable for personal transformation in the field of your femininity.

Contact with your yoni ensures that you learn to make an undercurrent of emotional balance with yourself.

The doctrine of the yoni egg comes from Taoism. According to the Tao Tantra your female organs are in direct contact with all your organs. The doctrine was predestined to princes so that they could stay in power longer. The Taoists knew that those who were aware of their vital essence and could control it possessed great power and could create whatever they wanted. Nowadays, the doctrine is accessible to every woman who wants to fully utilize her potential as a goddess.

There is also plenty of room for personal process during the jade days. Especially in the morning we pay a lot of attention to this. This way, themes that you are currently working on can be addressed and transformed. The guidance we give is focused on your growth, clarity and the expansion of your consciousness.

What does the use of a yoni egg do to you?

You connect with your feminine qualities like trust, beauty, zest for life, softness, creativity, receptiveness, strength.

  • It increases the female and creative sexual energy flow.
  • It helps you to ground, go in, purify yourself and fulfill yourself from within.
  • It teaches you to prevent energy loss.
  • It makes your organs healthier because you learn to release old energy consciously.
  • It reduces secretion.
  • It activates the bartholin glands.
  • It trains the pelvic muscles.

Do you also want to feel more feminine? Want to experience more your sexual energy, life energy? How is your relationship with your yoni? What does your yoni have to tell you? Curious to the play shop where we are together our wife, our female sexuality and our yoni to discover, explore and experience in a playful way through the use of the Yoni egg, meditation, systemic work, body work, dance, shamanism, etc.

Many women walk with a sense of lack in relation to their sexual energy, life energy or experience a desire to want it differently, but due to lack of knowledge in this area we often stick in old, non-functioning patterns.

Experiencing your sexual energy or your life energy again can have a tremendous impact on the way in which you live. In experiencing your feminine sexual energy there is a tremendous creative power that enables you to shape your life in the way that suits you and where you feel comfortable. Much of the wisdom of this creative power has been lost through the ages, but we are now living in a time where we have the opportunity to reconnect with it and experience what this power means.

Body awareness through the use of a yoni egg

In many cultures, women used stone eggs in various ways by wearing them in their vagina. In Taoism, the jade egg is used, in tantra use is mainly made of jade or rose quartz eggs and within certain forms of shamanism, for example, the obsidian egg is used.

Why would you use a yoni egg?

We have been forgotten to listen to the signals from our body. By listening to the needs, desires of our body and emotions such as stress, fear, anger, grief, guilt, shame and pain, our life energy, our sexual energy can flow freely again. The pelvic floor area is the place par excellence where these are held. By holding emotions, the pelvic floor muscles are literally squeezed together. In these way pavements, blockages and numbness arise and the life energy cannot flow freely. The lower back and the abdomen, but also the vagina, the uterus and the anus, are often properly armored. This can, for example, ensure that sexual contact is painful, or that the vagina has become numb. Carrying the eggs helps to de-armor the vagina. Due to the constant ‘massage’ that causes the egg, old trauma can be released. The pelvic floor area softens and relaxes and the receptiveness, pleasure and orgasmic capacity increase.

Effects of using the stone eggs

  • Helps to become aware of the pelvic floor area
  • Strengthens the muscles of the pelvic floor area
  • Helps with both tightening and releasing the pelvic floor muscles
  • Works fundamentally, strengthens the feeling of strength
  • Helps release tension in the vagina (de-amours)
  • Improves the blood circulation of the vagina and uterus
  • Preventive effect on organ prolapsed
  • Positive effect on organs such as liver, mild, bladder, intestines and kidneys
  • It makes the inside of the vagina and the cervix more sensitive, which increases the sexual pleasure
  • Strengthens the feeling of being a woman
  • Helps more in the moment, in the here and now
  • The different stones have different energetic effects