Choosing Your First Sex Toy | The Different Types

Choosing your first sex toyis usually associated with doubts, a large number of questions to which there are no definite answers and, of course, a great chance to make a mistake. Using the same toy can cause completely different emotions in different people – from complete delight to absolute misunderstanding what is so good about it. To avoid disappointment, you need to accurately formulate for yourself some requirements for future purchases in the sex shop. By this way, you’ll at least have the butt plug ideas for couples.

First of all, decide for what kind of sexual stimulation you need a sex toy that turns you on and excites you more. For example, if a woman has never experienced a vaginal orgasm in her life, it makes no sense to buy realistic dildos and vibrators. Because they are not able to work wonders, and most likely the purchase will simply roll in the far corner. But if a girl reacts sensitively to stimulation of the clitoris, the high-tech vibrator, vibro-egg, clitoris stimulator in the form of a butterfly, will produce the very opposite impression and will be a great first buying experience in the sex shop.

Also when choosing a vibrator or dildo, you should carefully consider the size of sex toys. You should not strive to buy that bigger and thicker, the use of too large dildo without appropriate experience can deliver sensations far from pleasant. It also helps looking for the kind of dildo seen on online profiles of porn stars. If it doesn’t help, look for dildos displayed in sex museums. At least these will give you an idea for you to choose.

Masturbator vibrator

The same principle works when choosing male sex toys. Most often, men turn to sex shop to purchase a masturbator, so as not to be mistaken with his choice, it is better to first decide what you want from a sex toy. If the fact of masturbation causes a feeling of awkwardness, it may be better to pay attention to realistic vaginas, under certain conditions it will be quite simple to imagine that you are in bed with a real woman.

It is also important to decide, stimulation, what power you enjoyable and comfortable, depends on the choice of material and the internal structure of sex toys. For those who love soft, gentle stimulation, masturbators made from realistic materials CyberSkin, UR3 and the like are perfect.

For connoisseurs of tougher effects on the penis fit sex toys from TPR, PVC. You should also not look for a masturbator that exactly matches the size of the penis, since all sex toys of such a plan are perfectly stretched and there is a risk to acquire a masturbator, which will be just great.

Sex toy set

Buying a sex toy, you should not save on the purchase of lubricant. A quality lubricant helps to make sensations as realistic as possible; many sex toys are simply uncomfortable to use without lubrication, such as a vagina or a masturbator. Unlike the real sexual partner, sex toys do not have a natural lubricant. Therefore, in order to make the first buying experience in the sex shop bring only positive emotions, we recommend purchasing water based lubricant.

Another great solution for newcomers to the world of sex shopping is sex toy sets. You can choose an erotic set, which includes the most popular types of sex-goods: a vibrator, vaginal balls, butt plug or chain, vibro-egg, etc. Such kits are relatively inexpensive, they are completed with the simplest variants of sex toys, but, nevertheless, they help to understand what you like more and what you should pay attention to in the future.

Many couples think about how to diversify their sexual relationships after several years of marriage. The first thing that comes to mind is buying a sex toy. Indeed, what could be easier?

But in practice, many people even find it difficult to talk about their desires with a partner because of the fear of being misunderstood, not to mention the joint choice of something savory. Moreover, not many people decide to visit a specialty store for adults and use the advice of a consultant. You should not be afraid and embarrassed, because your desires are natural, full-fledged intimate life provides mutual understanding between partners, long and happy relationships, and also has a positive effect on health.

Getting ready to buy

Today, there is no need to be afraid of a visit to the sex shop, since you can always use the online sex shop “One Plus”, which offers a huge range of products for adults for every taste and color.

When a frank conversation with a partner took place, it remains only to decide what you want to purchase. Unfortunately, there is no sex section for newbies in our store, so you have the right to decide for yourself how to begin your acquaintance with the world of sex products. Often, a beginner is frightened by a huge selection of toys, since the purpose of some objects is not clear, while others look intimidating.

It’s not scary! Use the basic rules:

Make purchases only in specialized stores, because health is the most important thing. We guarantee the quality of the product sold, supplying products only from reputable and safe manufacturers. Click Here for more info.

Examine the entire range; do not rush to the first toy vending.

How to start shopping for a newbie in a sex shop?

Consider the most popular sex toys and accessories among beginners:

Massage oil is perfect to start your experiments. Erotic massage will be a great prelude, and what a massage without oil! Pleasant aroma will create the desired surroundings; will help to relax the partner. There is a special line of erotic cosmetics with the addition of aphrodisiacs that increase arousal. For a change, you can try to buy massage oil with pheromones or edible oil with a sweet taste, which can be licked from the partner’s body.

Puff or tickler is perfect for beginners. Tantalizing touch of delicate puff to the erogenous zones of the partner will also serve as a great start to a pleasant evening. The effect can be enhanced if you blindfold your partner. Thanks to this accessory, you can get to know each other, look for new sensitive places, or at least enough fun!

Clamps are perfect for games with binding. You can use the materials at hand, a scarf, tie, but for the entourage of the action more suitable special fixers and erotic underwear. Handcuffs made of metal are best left to fans of BDSM, and therefore give preference to softer materials, such as leather, silicone. They are easier to handle, do not hurt the skin and do not leave marks.

Vibro is the next step for new buyers. This toy does not look intimidating, but rather causes emotion and will suit everyone without exception. But do not underestimate this toy, because it can be a source of pleasure! It’s worth starting with stimulating the nipples to get acquainted with the capabilities of the device, but in the future you can use the toy for clitoris and even anal stimulation. Please note that now you can buy a vibropule even with a remote control and different vibration frequencies. This feature will make it possible to use the vibropule even outside the bedroom. Another type of this toy is vibro-egg, which differs from vibropuli only in its shape.

The vibrating ring is not a device for maintaining an erection, as it may seem at first glance. The ring helps prolong the time of sexual intercourse and gives pleasure to both partners. Usually, the upper surface of the ring has a relief for additional stimulation of the clitoris, especially when equipped with a powerful vibrator. When choosing this accessory, you should pay attention to the number of vibration modes. The more of them, the more diverse the sensations will be. It is very convenient if the ring can work not only from batteries, but also has the ability to charge.