12 Things To Do With a Latex Sleepsack with Your Partner

Latex of all manufacturers is by a single treatment to Silky Latex.In an environmentally friendly process, the latex is smoothed on the surface forever and loses its stickiness.The comfort is incomparable by the finishing.Allergy sufferers can wear silky latex.

  • Getting dressed is child’s play, hair is no longer pinched.
  • Apply powder or silicone oil deleted.
  • Several layers of latex glide over each other without any problems.
  • The maintenance effort is then minimal and the drying time drops to minutes.
  • The treated latex articles are suitable for washing machines and dryers.
  • It feels so good that you want to stroke it all the time.

Convince yourself:

  • In the store they have demonstration pieces, which were refined over 3 years ago.
  • But beware: Silky Latex is addictive! – At least that’s what our enthusiastic customers claim.
  • Also the manufacturers of the clothes are so enthusiastic about our service, that they now offer them for new parts.

You can also order anything as silky latex on request

There are more photographic games with Liquid Latex and combinations of materials. After the painting with liquid latex is now working and tested, we have let some other ideas flow into it. Outfits with more latex, so larger painted surfaces we find more interesting than a lot of skin and little latex. Presumably, this is because the skin is different and less shiny than the applied latex. We respect the pictures meanwhile that the latex shines extremely. We achieve this with silicone oil as the top layer on the dried rubber. Thus, the material does not stick together with movements even with itself. For the Latex Sleep sack also there are some options. Visit this link.

  • But no rule without exception, there are enough pictures that look good with less latex and more skin.
  • Liquid latex and other material combinations


A single zipper can easily be integrated at any point. On the skin first paint on the first layer of latex and the gap where the actual zipper should be just free. Then paint the fabric on the left and right of the zipper teeth on the front and back with latex and place it on the body. Brush some latex over it and wait until it dries. With 2-3 layers of latex, the zipper then holds and can later be easily opened and closed again.

Tattoo Spray / Airbrush

Fine contours or gradients are difficult or even impossible to draw with the liquid latex. Since I do not (yet) have any airbrush equipment, I had to resort to so-called tattoo sprays. After putting on the outfit, we sprayed some simple patterns with the spray on the latex dress and then made the silicone oil over it. On black latex, the silver metallic spray has lifted off quite well. It just looked great:

Latex on latex – different colors

On a black latex painting we tried to paint over it with red latex. The red latex, however, unexpectedly did not quite cover so well. With more layers, the problem would have been safe to fix, but we found the semi-transparent effect with red very well and have even running down color nose with built-in. So this look made of liquid latex also looked pretty good.

In retrospect, we should have made even more red stripes. But that’s probably a matter of opinion.

Even more ideas with liquid latex

  • Experience with liquid latex and paint spray guns.
  • The latex applied with paintbrushes and paint rollers is not as smooth as an industrially made latex dress. My considerations for applying the gel and getting a smoother surface:
  • Why not spray the gum with normal paint spray guns for paint.

After some research and questions with manufacturers and DIY stores, we currently have the following information:

The (cheap) low-pressure paint spray guns are probably not useful because of the low pressure and the gluing danger.

Professional high-pressure spray guns might work – even if nobody has experience with it.

Theme Security: Liquid latex to spray and inhale is certainly very dangerous. Without good respiratory protection for the sprayer and the model should probably be worked under any circumstances!

Tips on safety and working with liquid latex

Of course, the model should not have a latex allergy. In case of doubt, apply a little latex at one place e.g. on the arm, let it dry and see if there are any redresses / rashes or onstage abnormalities.

Skin Breathing: The applied latex is no problem as a full-body suit. The latex dress is breathable and the skin should have no problem with breathing even during a longer shoot!

Warmth: Heat up your studio well! The latex is cold when applied to the skin and when it dries it drains the body even more heat due to evaporation. An additional fan heater on the model also helps, allowing the latex to dry faster and does not blow the rising ammonia in most mixtures in nose. The room should also be ventilated between them (ammonia smell) and be at least correspondingly large.

Silicone oil: The model should be well shaved on the one hand, and then it pulls when tearing down the latex dress less. Much more important, however: silicone oil very thin, do not apply too much on the skin. Never use baby oil or other oils as oil “eats” the latex. Silicone oil is absolutely skin-friendly and should not cause any problems. If applied too thick, when painting the first layer of latex, the latex will not hold and more effort will have to be put into the first layer. Cheap, industrial silicone oil is sufficient and usually very saber anyway, it does not have to be noble oil.

Hair and clothes: Put the hair of the model up well / pack! If liquid latex gets into your hair, it will look like chewing gum and your hair will probably have to be cut off! When clothing also pays attention: As a painter use old Kludging the latex can be removed from fabric never again! The model typically has little/nothing to it anyway.

  • When shooting and hair down, they come in contact with the silicone oil. The hair on the photos then “wet” or “glued”. Therefore, do not use / little silicone oil on the shoulders and upper back. The silicone oil in the hair is to be washed out with soap / shampoo without harm.
  • Important: These are my experiences! I take no responsibility / guarantee for the accuracy of the tips and information.