How To Choose The Ideal Sex Toy For Women

If the quest for solitary pleasure has long been disgraced with a promise of damnation for the men engaged in it, on the feminine side, the thing was simply out of focus as its unsustainable idea would have horrified the devil himself. If we have gone a long way and that we can now afford a moment of erotic relaxation without the risk of becoming deaf or burning in the flames of hell, talk about masturbation is much more banal masculine side that feminine and the little discussion around this self stimulated pleasure of the woman makes it a subject paved with mysteries.

So to illuminate your pink lanterns and enrich your practical and theoretical naughty knowledge, here’s what to introduce you to female masturbation through a few tracks to encourage you to take off to the seventh heaven in single-seater.

A muscular perineum

Whether for your tramps or solo escapes, muscularperinea you will live longer and stronger orgasms. So do not hesitate to practice some exercises Kegel for a vagina of steel! And to mix business with pleasure, help yourself with Geisha balls to strengthen your intimacy and enjoy soft vibrations at the same time.


To power your pleasure, you have to feed your erotic dreams: feed your fantasies imagining all sorts of situations that seem particularly exciting! The walk on the beach and get laid with a handsome stranger, the somersault in an extraordinary place with a movie star … but your fantasies can also be feelings, situations. Feed them your wishes even the most shameful!


Solitary pleasure is a great way to relax, but for you to be ecstatic soon, escape into a moment of calm, so that you can mentally isolate yourself and let your pleasure go up without fear of being disturbed. The hot and fragrant bath is for example a great ally!


If rather than comfort, it is the danger that you seek, you can grant yourself a little erotic escapade in more daring places : in your car during a traffic jam, in a plane in night flight, in the forest at the dawn Wherever the body tells you and you do not risk (too much) to shock a witness!

The caress

Before you tackle your intimacy, start by caressing your body, wake up the erogenous zones that are your breasts, your belly, and your face. This will allow both your body to be stimulated for an extended pleasure, but also of you to help you better know this body, to understand the subtleties of pleasure to better guide your partner during your future travels.

The positions

In autoeroticism too, we can change positions! On the belly, on the back, on all fours or on the side, by changing position during your quest, you will explore more tracks of pleasure thanks to the varied angles!

The different accessories: Fingers

Regardless of the various sex toys for women masturbation, the first accessory of pleasure for ladies are the fingers which have the advantage of being always at hand and the human agility allows a rather precise exploration. On the other hand, if the finger is perfect for a clitoral exploration, it is a little less if you want to escape further. To caress your clitoris, alternating circular movements with more or less strong pressures should raise your pleasure quickly.


Sheets, pillows, towels, tee-shirt: Any malleable fabric that can be put into a ball can do the trick. You place this ball of fabric both firm and flexible between your legs, and you tighten the thighs by contracting your muscles around this sex toy improvised. With a muscular perineum, the experience will be even more conclusive!

The corners

Corner chairs, wall, table, and door: Anything that allows a little friction on the crotch may be likely to bring you some pleasures.

The pommel

Able to turn your innocent showers into an erotic trip, the knob and its water under pressure offers several advantages: you can adjust the temperature, you can adjust the arrival pressure, and on some models, you can also vary the type of jet that out of the pommel Depending on your cravings boiling and languid or intense but fresh, you’ll be spoiled for choice naughty.


Some women, by the force of their imaginary naughty and their thigh, manage to give pleasure by tightly tightening them against each other and contracting their sex. This method also has the advantage of allowing you a round of pleasure at your desk or at the table without raising too much suspicion.

Intimate masseurs

If female masturbation is still a little more taboo than the male, it has however a real artillery capable of assisting you with exceptional dedication. External vibrators for clitoral pleasures,   G-spot masseurs for explorers, and vibratingmasseur for pleasures in depth, vibrators “rabbit” for double pleasures and cunnilingus simulator for lover of languages. Each will find shoe to take his foot.

The cold hot

Make sudden changes in temperature known to your privacy can be a source of great pleasure! An ice cube that we gently pass on the clitoris to make him shudder or on the contrary, a small hot caress: You can for example roll a dumpling of bread crumbs, heat it in the microwave and slide in a condom before to warm your body.

The lubricant

An intimate moisturizer may also be useful, whether you are attempting a digital or vibrating exploration. Your intimacy and lubricated, you will avoid irritation, especially if you are the type to like long stimulation.

The gym

It is certainly an accessory a little bulky, but it is nevertheless quite effective to experience pleasures as sudden as delicious! This long-taboo phenomenon of female orgasm during physical exertion begins to be talked about under the sweet name of “coregasm”. What mix the useful with the pleasant!

The different pleasure points to explore: The clitoris

Most frequently stimulated during masturbation, it has the advantage of not requiring penetration while offering ecstasy high-fly.

The accessory: From the finger to the vibrator external through the sheets, all the methods mentioned above will do the trick!

Repletion: A little scholarly word that means the pleasure of being filled, it is vaginal stimulation masturbation. Less immediate than clitoral ecstasy, it offers a delicious galipot simulation.

The accessory: An intimate massager designed for vaginal pleasures will be your safest ally. Forget the cucumber, the adjustable wrench or the flashlight.

The point G: Zone of pleasure subtle and full of promise, it is located about 4 cm from the entrance of the vagina , on the upper wall, and consists of a high concentration of nerve endings with delicious potential when you wake up a little.

The deep spot: Having two points of pleasure located at the bottom of the vagina at the limit of the uterus, their stimulation promises spectacular curtain tops, but the climb is more delicate and these points of pleasure more difficult to reach.

The anus: This is not necessarily the first hole that we think when it comes to give pleasure alone, but it can potentially offer you new pleasures provided you’re already excited.